Smart Funding Summit Pro Service Roundtable

The mission of the Smart Funding Summit is to share knowledge and stimulate conversations that will help middle-market companies and their executives navigate the opportunities, challenges and trends related to raising capital. As the landscape and mechanisms for raising capital continue to evolve, the Smart Funding Summit seeks to organize regional events that tackle a variety of relevant and engaging topics including venture capital, private equity, traditional banking and equity crowdfunding.

The idea for the Smart Funding Summit originated in Scottsdale, Arizona, where BIG YAM, The Parsons Agency is headquartered. BIG YAM works with a variety of local and national clients, delivering everything from branding and creative to web development and public relations

Whether your company is undergoing a capital raise seeking investment from accredited or non-accredited investors, public offering, new partnership, liquidity event or a merger or acquisition, it is vital that you have a solid grasp of your brand identity, core values and inherent purpose. At BIG YAM, we specialize in helping companies identify and connect with these attributes to help them strengthen their brand and be prepared for their future. Our hope is that you find value in the Smart Funding content and videos on this site. We invite you to join us at future Smart Funding Summits or get in touch with us so we can organize an event together.